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What is the actual melatonin dose in Lunite?Updated 2 months ago

What is the actual melatonin dose in Lunite?

The actual melatonin dose in Lunite is standardized to 1.62 mg. This means that out of the total 54.0 mg listed on the label, 1.62 mg is pure melatonin equivalent to 3% of regular melatonin. The remaining mg is composed of the micro active delivery system, which includes ingredients designed to help release the melatonin slowly and effectively over time.

Why does Lunite's label show 54 mg?

Lunite’s label shows 54 mg because it represents the entire micro active melatonin formula. This formula enhances the effectiveness of the melatonin by ensuring a gradual and sustained release. So, while it might appear that Lunite has a much higher dosage, it actually contains a similar amount of melatonin to other products, with the added benefit of a delivery system that improves its overall effectiveness.

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