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What is causing the delay in my delivery?Updated 9 months ago

In most instances, your package is en route to your doorstep. Our estimated delivery time is based on historical transit data, but occasional delays can occur. Several factors can affect delivery timelines:

Processing: If you placed your order during non-business hours or on a weekend, it may take a business day or two to process your order. 

Transit to Airport: After processing, your package needs to make its way to the airport. Due to the size of the United States, this journey can take a day or sometimes up to three days. 

National Holidays: National holidays in the United States or your home country can lead to delays in package delivery.

Weather Conditions: Weather, particularly extreme conditions like fires, storms, etc., can impact delivery schedules and make them difficult to predict.

Customs: Customs procedures can vary by country and may influence the delivery timeline.

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