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What do I do if my payment can't go through?Updated 9 months ago

We use an international payment merchant to process your payment securely, ensuring that your payment details and information are encrypted. This also means that there may be instances where payments don't go through.

If you're paying by credit card and you see an error message after clicking on "Complete Purchase", we recommend you try the following:

Purchase from our online store: https://shop.edenboost.com

Check that your credit/debit card payment limit has not been maxed out

Use a different credit/debit card

Contact your bank or card issuer to approve the charge

Select PayPal as the payment method during checkout

If you continue to encounter issues making payment, please reach out to us at [email protected] and our customer support team will help you out. When contacting us, do include information about the specific payment issues you're encountering, including screenshots and detailed descriptions of what solutions you've tried. This will greatly speed up the process!

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